Who is PREP For?

PREP has been designed for use by occupational therapists working in a variety of practice settings. In most situations, collaboration with other team members will be beneficial.


For Clinicians

Although designed for occupational therapists, PREP can be used in collaboration with physiotherapists, speech language pathologists, recreation therapists, and individuals from community organizations, such as coaches or group leaders.


For Managers

PREP is a flexible, efficient and client-centred intervention designed to enable participation in everyday activities at home, school, work and in the community. PREP can be used as part of an interdisciplinary model of intervention. To date, there is evidence to show that using PREP with youth who have physical disabilities quickly leads to improved participation in leisure activities; research is continuing across the life-span and a wide variety of activities.


For Parents & Kids

Parents, caregivers, or others may be involved in the assessment and intervention, with level of involvement dependant on the client’s age, developmental level, and/or cognitive abilities. To date, research involving participants with physical disabilities, aged 12 to 18, has found PREP to be a feasible and effective approach to improving participation in community leisure activities.

Because PREP focuses on modifying a client’s natural environment, it is designed for use in the places where the individual participates. This includes the places where he/she lives, works, learns and plays.