Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about PREP. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us.

+-What ages of clients can I use PREP with?

PREP can be used with clients of all ages across the life span. Parents, caregivers or others may be involved in the intervention, with their level of involvement dependent on the client’s age, developmental level, and/or cognitive abilities.

+-Can PREP only be administered by occupational therapists?

PREP has been designed for use by occupational therapists working in a variety of practice settings. It may also be implemented by other members of an interdisciplinary team, with an occupational therapist involved as a consultant.

+-Does PREP only apply to clients with a physical disability?

PREP is applicable to any client who has a participation goal and whose participation in that goal is limited by barriers within the environment. This means that PREP can be used for clients with any diagnosis or health condition, including sensory and behavioural conditions, communication disorders, and mental health issues. In fact, we have found that the most frequently occurring environmental barriers are related to the social environment, including attitudes of others, and knowledge about how to make programs and services accessible.

+-Where is PREP used?

Because PREP focuses on modifying a client’s natural environment, it is designed for use in the places where the individual lives, works, learns and plays. While it would be more difficult to use PREP in a hospital or agency setting, it is certainly possible with collaboration with partners in the community.

+-Are all meetings with the client ‘in-person’ and done at their home?

The initial meeting is typically done at a client’s home; however, other meetings may be held in the community, such as the facility or organization providing the program/activity or at the client’s school or workplace. Meetings can also be arranged through technology, such as Skype, in order to minimize travel time.

+-What is the timeframe for using PREP?

The PREP protocol was originally designed to address three participation goals over a 20-week period for research purposes. However, in the clinical setting, this time frame is flexible. Often, the protocol will need to be modified to accommodate everyday client circumstances (e.g., surgery, vacation, and other life events). You can also use the protocol to work on more or less goals. Our research shows that, on average, a 4-week period of time, which includes about 6.5 hr of therapy time, is sufficient for accomplishing one participation goal.

PREP Timeframe

+-What steps are involved in PREP?

PREP provides a clear, step by step process for guiding the intervention process and helping clients meet their participation goals. The five steps involved in PREP are:

  • Make Goals
  • Map Out a Plan
  • Make it Happen
  • Measure Process and Outcomes
  • Move Forward

The PREP module includes a description of each step, real-life examples and forms to guide you through each step of the process.

+-How can I purchase PREP?

The PREP manual and this online learning module, including forms to record your assessment and intervention, can be purchased from the CanChild Shop. Pricing starts at $99.